Monday, October 17, 2011

AIDS impact of Africa

        Fishing is a competitive industry in Africa. It is labored by men but run by woman. In the opportunity to get fish to provide for their families woman will do anything even provide sex for the men. This has become a system exploiting AIDS this system is called Jaboya.  Due to systems like Jaboya the effects of AIDS are extremely massive. Africa seems almost in denial of the fact that AIDS can be prevented. In the videos given one woman from a community in Kenya speaks about how she does now fear this awful virus. She in fact chooses to sleep with whomever she wishes stating that “I do not fear death because death is waiting for all of us. AIDS can affect me or the person I am with at any time so I carry on and have sex without fear”. Ignorance is common in Africa this being one of the main reasons why it is so massive.
        I was aware that AIDS had been so widely spread throughout Africa before I watched these videos however I was unsure as to why. The US provides programs that enable us to become aware of the fact that AIDS is 100% preventable. With gaining knowledge from these videos it is clear that Africa is unaware of this prevention. Prior to watching these clips I had never heard of Jaboya and I found it extremely interesting to learn of such a system. This video provided me with astonishing statistics and knowledge of this virus.
        The cultural attitudes of the people in Africa appear to except this virus being that sex is so commonly practiced. A man having multiple wives is normal to this culture and with that being said AIDS is being drastically spread.  Prostitution is another culturally excepted tradition that leads to the spread of AIDS. In the films provided it discussed how woman felt vulnerable and needed to provide sex for the men.  Africa needs to be provided with awareness. The people of Africa are continuing to have unprotected sex and continuing to live life unaware that they are even infected with this deadly disease. If these people were made aware that such a devastating disease that has impacted their population drastically could be prevented they would use precautions in order to make a change.

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