Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay Marriage Controversy

   I believe marriage should be available to whom ever wishes to get married. I do think that many marry for all the wrong reasons such as tax breaks, inheritance arrangements, access to health care, or even just to say they're married. In my personal opinion I think gay people should absolutely be able to marry if they please but I’d say it is more of wanting something that they cant have. If gay marriage was not prohibited in certain states for all this time I think that gay individuals would not have such an urge to marry. It has become an unfortunate matter that 50% of marriages fail and with these statistics why is it that gay people are bending over backwards to take that risk. Striving for equality is understandable, people should not be punished based upon their desire of whom they love whether it be a female or a male. Marriage should not be treated as a privilege it should be a right and accessible to whoever wishes to get married.

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