Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello fellow bloggers! I am Ashley Dellamo and expressing myself and my opinions through this blogg is exciting if you ask me! I created this blogg to well number one get me through English 101 but also to analyze concepts and be able to purpose an argument that will lead others into deep discussion. Some ideas that are appealing to me are things like technology over powering people, celebrities being role models, and how generations have increasingly changed over time. I like to live in the present taking life day by day but a futuristic look on things is alluring to me. I come from a town where everyone tries to play the roll of someone else. What happened to originality? I am a Jersey girl but I do not "fist pump" instead I live the life of a typical teenage girl, one with high goals that is. I like to be myself instead of following in someone else's footsteps. I will end this blogg with one of my favorite quotes and at the same time a word of advice "You were born an original, don't become a copy"

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