Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ancient Marriage Traditons vs. Present Marriage Traditions

       In several different ancient cultures like Greece, Rome, Israel, and Medieval Europe marriage traditions differed based on diverse religious beliefs and cultural traditions. The drastic changes between now and then are more then obvious. I do believe that marriage should involve governmental approvement just as Martin Luther once declared marriage to be "a worldly thing... that belongs to the realm of government". Ancient Rome did not seem to agree, governmental and religious approval was not necessary and marriage was just simply an agreement. The ancient traditions that I am strongly opposed to were things like marriage being used as a way to bear offspring and it was not something of a romantic matter, the fact that it was tolerated for a husband to kill his own wife, and the actual status of women in ancient times.

       Although many people still have there own marital opinions I do believe that progress has been made. I stand strong in my beliefs that marriage is for two individuals who love one another and are ready to share a life together. Present times are much more equalized rather then the ancient times where women were used as bearers of children or to carry on the male‘s name generation after generation. Gaining knowledge of the ancient western civilization marriage traditions makes me be thankful for today’s present traditions.

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  1. I agree with your opinions on marriage, differing from ancient traditions. I believe marriage should be for two individuals him love each other to start a family of their own. Marriage, even though different today then if was before, it still carries a standard title. A title that you have committed for life to one single person. Being a married individual also helps ones life, wither it be the mortgage of a home, life insurance, ect.